The Lexington Gathering is a four-day winter music festival bringing Kentucky's traditional arts to the Commonwealth's largest epicenter. We welcome hundreds of visitors from across the country into this bucolic, walkable downtown for a weekend featuring the “old masters” of traditional mountain music; dance callers from throughout the state; performances by accomplished and emerging string bands; youth workshops and performances; academic presentations; jamming for all skill levels; dance, singing, and instrument workshops; literary readings; instrument and art vendors; and some of our finest farm-to-table eating experiences. Kentucky’s rural diaspora is a lineage largely responsible for the Commonwealth's unique and diverse cultural heritage. Because these Kentuckians migrated to nearby urban centers for work and education, Lexington is a perfect place to explore the boundaries of these traditions and enjoy the melting pot revival of these arts.

Kentucky Old-Time Music, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to highlight Kentucky's traditional music as a diverse and influential voice on the local/global stage. Our effort supports a network among artists and opportunities, broadening the community's reach, honoring the complex histories that continue to shape these traditions. In these ways, we work to dispel common stereotypes that damage how others view Kentucky and how Kentuckians view themselves. Learn more about KYOTI at

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